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PiNK ピンクを探して。。。

Is excited about next cosplay project.  Aside from the long term Baka Test Fall uniform project, I can't wait to work on IM@S 2~!!

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Peace ^_^v

WIGS for SALE~!!

This is the first time I'm selling some of my stuff. I really need to make room and let some things go. Pictures and prices under the cut. Feel free to ask me any questions. ^___^ And if you can, spread the word of this post to your friends!

I accept Pay Pal. Please comment below if you're interested. Shipping in the US will be $2.

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on hiatus for the time being

because I'm too busy to check and update LJ, I will be on yasumi till I get back to the states.
but please check my You Tube account, cherryteagirl
I will be uploading videos every other day. ja ne.


Sumida and Kinshicho.


Fanime Events

Check out the Mass Maid Performance on Saturday at 2pm on Stage Zero
We'll be singing and dancing to your favorite anime/videogames/internet fandom songs. 

Also check out our ParaPara Panel on Monday at 11am in Panel Room 3
And right after that is our Special Performance on Stage Zero at 12noon w/ angel_hearts 

[photos by Ryan]
Schedule link here:  http://www.fanime.com/schedule.html

Happy Easter Bunnie!

<3 Cherry Tea


Panel Time!

Platinum☆Stars Para Para Panel is up on AOD's website! 


There's also a link to our livedoor site made by janelle_ann 

^___^  yay!  It doesn't show the time, but we'll be having it on Sunday in our racing queen outfits.  Hope you can make it and get your dance on!! 

Sac Anime Winter 2009 = Blast

It was bunches of fun seeing great friends, costumes, and skits! 

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Next venture:  Otaku Bowl, hopefully! 
Next Con for sure:  Animation on Display  -  watch out for Platinum☆Stars Para Para Panel on Sunday! 

Rest of pics found here:  http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v444/cherryteagirl/Sac%20Anime/Winter%202009/


Miku came in this week!  She's so cool and shiny!

Click for PicsCollapse )Now to start cleaning room.